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Society AI.Architects

Deploying AI technology for social and business growth 

Dragoş Tudorache Dr. Plamen Russev Dragoş Tudorache Dr. Plamen Russev

Dragoş Tudorache

Member of the European Parliament and Chair AIDA (Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age)


Dragos Tudorache is a Member of the European Parliament (Renew Europe) and the Executive President of the PLUS party in Romania. He is the Chair of the AIDA (Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age) special committee and sits in LIBE, AFET, SEDE, and the European Parliament’s delegation with the United States.

Dragos began his career in 1997 as judge at the Galati court. Between 2000 and 2005 he built and led the legal departments at the OSCE and UN missions in Kosovo. After working on justice and anticorruption at the Commission Representation in Romania, supporting the country’s EU ascension, he joined the Commission and, subsequently, qualified for leadership roles in EU institutions, managing a number of units and strategic projects such as the Schengen Information System, Visa Information System, and the establishment of eu-LISA.

During the migration crisis, he was entrusted with leading the coordination and strategy Unit in DG-Home, until he joined the Government led by Dacian Ciolos. Between 2015 and 2017, in Romania, he was Head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, Minister of Communications and for the Digital Society, and Minister of Interior. His current interests in the European Parliament include Artificial Intelligence and new technologies, the Republic of Moldova, internal affairs, security, and transatlantic issues.

Dr. Plamen Russev

Executive Chairman Webit Foundation


Dr. Plamen Russev is the initiator and focal connector of one of the world’s largest impact networks and curator of the global Webit community, reaching out to over 800,000 digerati, policy makers, innovators and media. His success stories include creating the global Webit brand from scratch, supporting founders and brands in establishing and growing a successful marketing strategy, creating meaningful relations with potential partners, customers and media. Plamen supports causes which impact the achievement of the UN’ SDGs.

He is an investor, philanthropist and serial entrepreneur and proven success record in developing business ventures in multicultural and challenging business environments.

Plamen Russev is B.Sc in Marketing and Management, M.Sc in Electronic Education/Mathematics and Physics, and Ph.D in Healthcare Management.

Plamen Russev has been appointed Goodwill Ambassador for Digital Affairs of his home country – Republic of Bulgaria and a member of European Commission’ BOF.

Dr. Russev’ work and impact have been recognised and awarded by governments, associations and NGOs along with 2 honorary doctorates from Universities in Europe and South America. Plamen Russev is featured in hundreds of international and local media including The Economist, Bloomberg, CNBCe, Forbes, Venture Beat, CNN to name a few.

Dr. Russev is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Webit Foundation and host of Webit Virtual. He is happily married to the most wonderful girl in the world and father of 2 boys.

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Biotech Pharmatech Healthtech Wellbeing Longevity

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