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on  What impact has coronavirus over the food chains and the future of food

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The Leading Media Forum

Dr. Plamen Russev Afua Adom Tasha Goldberg Frances Kuo Tarmo Virki Dr. Plamen Russev Afua Adom Tasha Goldberg Frances Kuo Tarmo Virki

Dr. Plamen Russev

Executive Chairman Webit Foundation


Dr. Plamen Russev is the initiator and focal connector of one of the world’s largest impact networks and curator of the global Webit community, reaching out to over 800,000 digerati, policy makers, innovators and media. His success stories include creating the global Webit brand from scratch, supporting founders and brands in establishing and growing a successful marketing strategy, creating meaningful relations with potential partners, customers and media. Plamen supports causes which impact the achievement of the UN’ SDGs.

He is an investor, philanthropist and serial entrepreneur and proven success record in developing business ventures in multicultural and challenging business environments.

Plamen Russev is B.Sc in Marketing and Management, M.Sc in Electronic Education/Mathematics and Physics, and Ph.D in Healthcare Management.

Plamen Russev has been appointed Goodwill Ambassador for Digital Affairs of his home country – Republic of Bulgaria and a member of European Commission’ BOF.

Dr. Russev’ work and impact have been recognised and awarded by governments, associations and NGOs along with 2 honorary doctorates from Universities in Europe and South America. Plamen Russev is featured in hundreds of international and local media including The Economist, Bloomberg, CNBCe, Forbes, Venture Beat, CNN to name a few.

Dr. Russev is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Webit Foundation and host of Webit Virtual. He is happily married to the most wonderful girl in the world and father of 2 boys.

Afua Adom

Broadcast journalist and writer CNBC


Afua Adom is a Broadcast journalist and writer at CNBC. She moved to London from Glasgow at age 17 to study journalism at City University. Afua is has experience working with the BBC (Inside Out London, The Victoria Derbyshire Show, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio London), ITV (Good Morning Britain), CNBC (Sustainable Energy), ARISE News, TalkRadio (DriveTime, Weekend Breakfast), Yanga! TV (Noni), The Voice Newspaper and The Beat London 103.6FM. She is also the founder of Women in African Media, an organisation that advocates for women of colour in the media industry. She continues to host events, as well as write news and features, hair, fashion, beauty, women's interest and do celebrity interviews. Afua lives and works in London. In her spare time she likes to make up dance routines with her daughter, have manicures and read crime novels.

Tasha Goldberg

Video Producer and Writer at the Economist & IISD (International Institute for Sustainable Development), Founder of Evidence of Hope


Tasha Goldberg is a writer and video producer at the Economist Intelligence Unit & International Institute for Sustainable Development, focused on the topics of food sustainability and ocean sustainability. She has travelled the world reporting at United Nations negotiations and events on the topic of sustainable development. In 2004, she founded a business consultancy Sustainable Solutions to implement strategic sustainability programs globally and maintaining an active voice in the ongoing planetary dialogue of sustainable development. Her efforts focused on empowering indigenous communities, adding value throughout supply chains, cultivating carbon awareness, and fostering the sustainable use of natural resources.

With a GHG Accountant Certificate from the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, Tasha has collaborated with businesses, governmental agencies, elders, scientists, and artists. She has worked with a colorful range of clients such as the World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF), the International Trade Center (ITC, a joint agency of United Nations and World Trade Organization), IISD Reporting Services, Ethical Coach, Estee Lauder, Aveda, Neill Corporation, and others.

Tasha has recently founded Evidence of Hope, a series of portraits featuring people and projects from around the world who are addressing global challenges, successfully! Each portrait engages the audience through a positive narrative, presenting what is working and how it is working. Evidence of Hope documents and supports progress that is happening right now, demonstrating the reason we should have hope for a sustainable future.

Frances Kuo

Correspondent and Producer CGTN America


Frances Kuo (pronounced like ‘roe’) is an award-winning reporter with 20 years in the TV news business, including at NBC News Channel’s Foreign Desk. She’s currently a Correspondent and Producer for CGTN America, an international TV station in Washington, D.C. Frances has participated in several journalism fellowships in the U.S. and abroad. She’s also served more than a decade in academia as an adjunct professor. She’s currently a regular guest lecturer at her alma mater, Northwestern University

Tarmo Virki

Journalist Reuters


Tarmo Virki is an experienced tech journalist at Reuters. He is also a publisher, editor and published author.Apart from his writing for Reuters and after failing with his first startup, he is now working with his wife on Lahhentagge, Estonian drinks maker which recycles Christmas trees for tonic water. He also built CoFounder Magazine - a startup magazine that is a print edition editorial of the startup scene in Europe.

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